Remembering my first mural projects while pregnant in 2010

When James and I still had just three children (and after having two miscarriages), we had been trying to have a baby for about 2 1/2 years.  After that much time, I finally decided that maybe God was telling me #3 was my last.

To take my mind off of the feelings of loss that I was dealing with at the time, I got busy thinking about something else- painting murals.  I went to the Chamber of Commerce and presented my idea of a mural for the city. I had never yet painted a mural professionally, but told them I would paint a mural – 40 foot long by 10 foot tall- for the city.   They accepted the offer.  It took them months before finally having the site ready for me to paint (and get it approved, etc).

During the time I was waiting, I found out that I was pregnant with baby #4! I was extremely excited, and hoped that I would get the go ahead soon, so that I wouldn’t be too big when I painted the mural. But when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, I finally got the call saying they were ready for me to begin!

I was not one to turn it down. I went ahead and got started!

It was about 32 degrees outside the day I did a grid on the wall for proportion (in February). I couldn’t paint in that temperature or it would freeze, but I at least got this done. I was amazed at how large the wall was! I had never painted anything so big.

When the temperature warmed up to about 45 degrees, I was able to start painting. When I would climb the scaffolding with my large belly protruding from me, it was kind of funny how people would stare in concern. Some people even drove up and said, “You need to be careful”. But I was surprised at how much energy I had, and it didn’t really seem to be that difficult to get up and down. It was actually kind of fun.

In two weeks, the mural was complete. I was so excited to have made some kind of mark on our city.


When my picture was taken for the paper, I made no attempt to hide my belly, as you can see below:



A few weeks later, I got a call. “I know that you are pretty far along now”, I heard, “but we have another project for you, if you’re interested!”

At this point , I was 8 months pregnant. I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be carrying the baby, but I decided to do it!

This next mural required a scissorlift. I enjoyed painting it immensely! And the people in the building I was painting were so kind and actually invited me to eat with them each time I was there .

One day, my husband was there at the building, painting with me (I think he must have taken off that day for some reason or the other) and I said, “hmm, my belly feels strange! I think I might be in labor!”

So we put all the painting supplies away, drive the scissorlift into the right place, and headed for the doctor. The next day, I had my baby boy.

Two weeks later, I had someone watch him 3 hours a day for a few days, so I could finish the mural. And here it is. Good memories!





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