How my oldest son pranked me this morning.


My son, Caleb, is really sweet and every morning he brings me a cup of coffee with heavy cream in it. He does this because he knows I love coffee, and thrive on it.

This morning, he handed me a cup and said, “Would you like some coffee, mom?”

I looked inside the cup, and was not sure what to think…it was empty.

I looked at him with a confused look.

He just smiled and said, “Would you like cream in that?”

I replied, “Suuuure…”

He opened a pint of cream and started pouring.

Instead of creamy white, I saw a light brown liquid coming out. Caleb had made my coffee and poured it in the cream container to fool me.

Silly boy. He was laughing so hard after that. I laughed right along with him.

The coffee actually tasted pretty good, so I’m sipping on it right now as I type.

What kind of things do your children do to make you laugh? Leave a comment below with your story!


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