Woman who survived her mother’s abortion speaks out!


I recently met one of the most strong and courageous people I’ve ever met.  Her name is Carrie Fischer.

When Carrie’s mother became pregnant in the 1970’s, sadly, she chose to have an abortion.   Only unlike most abortions, hers failed, and Carrie survived!  She was born despite all of the odds against her. Surely God has a special plan for Carrie’s life.

Please take a moment to read about Carrie’s amazing story….and watch the video below as well.  I hope your heart will be as touched as mine was!

“Hello, my name is Carrie Fischer, and I am an abortion survivor.

Abortion almost claimed my life. My mother already had two young children when she got pregnant with me. When she told my birth father about the pregnancy, he took off. He didn’t want anything to do with me. Feeling desperate, alone and not knowing what else to do or how she could support another child, my mother felt abortion was her only option. The abortion failed. Here I am.

They say an unborn baby doesn’t feel pain during an abortion. They are wrong. I remember the dreams I had of a baby in the womb fighting to live. I remember the cries and screams. I would later learn that I was that baby.


The dreams went on for several years. One day a relative told me that my father never wanted me and my mother tried to kill me. I didn’t know what to make of it. First the dreams, and now somebody tells me my mother tried to kill me? Talk about feeling confused and overwhelmed!

A few more years went by, before I finally sat my mother down to ask her what it all meant. She broke down crying, and confessed to having had an abortion. In my mind I was like, “How does a mother kill her own child?” I struggled with anger and resentment, but by God’s grace I was able to forgive my mother. I loved her. I felt compassion for her, and I wanted her to know it was okay. God had forgiven her and blessed her to be the mom who would raise me.


The details of the abortion are sketchy at best, and mom doesn’t remember much about it. She knows it was a first trimester abortion, and remembers something about instruments being used to do the abortion. She says the doctor never told her his name, but then again, abortion had not become legal, so no surprise there. It was an empty house and she was on a table. It was quick procedure, and after it was over, she drove herself back home.

She’s grateful for my life, and thanks God every day that the abortion failed. God had a plan and a purpose for me, and today I am alive to share my story.”

Picture credit goes to: http://www.gabbingirls.com

Credit for this photo of Carrie Fischer goes to: http://www.gabbingirls.com

Here is a video that you can watch about Carrie’s story as well:

Carrie Fischer Ugly Duckling to Wonderfully Beautiful Swan!!! from secondgeneration on GodTube.

You can contact Carrie at this link. You can also visit her facebook page, Wonderfully Beautiful, to learn more about her incredible story.


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