How my husband and I go on cheap dates and have FUN

We are very blessed in that my husband has a really great brother who is willing to watch all six (yes, you heard that right) of our children a few times a month – out of the kindness of his heart- so that James and I can get some time away together (we return the favor by helping him with various things he needs, so it works out well).   Usually we get about two to three hours to spend alone, and each time, we hurry out the door and find something to do fast!

Generally, on our dates, we eat out somewhere together and have a nice conversation, then stop by the bookstore, grab a coffee and go home.  We both enjoy that, and it’s a nice, cheap way to have a little fun.


However, James is more adventurous than I am, and over the years has had some wonderful ideas to make our date nights more exciting, without breaking the bank.


Since I am an indoor person, usually the ideas he has wouldn’t come to me naturally…and to be honest, I usually do not want to do them at first sometimes.  However, after I get in and start going, I find that these “mini vacations” with James are the most fun I’ve ever had, and make our best memories together.


A few weeks ago, James took me to a nearby creek that led to a waterfall and a cave.  We walked a few miles along the creek, admiring the beauty of the rocks and trees, and talking as we walked. Many of the rocks were slick, and he held my hand to help me balance as we walked, or guided me along to help me keep my balance.  Once we reached the waterfall, we stood there, taking it in together, and just listened to the sound of the rushing water, and looking around at the beautiful scenery that we were able to share alone together.  It was breathtaking, and so special. We then climbed up and sat near the waterfall and took pictures.



Then, he showed me the cave that was very close by, and we sat under it for a while. We then went inside a tiny hole that opened into an area about 5 ft by 4 ft and tall enough to just barely sit up.  You had to crawl to get inside the opening (this was really scary for me and I just crawled halfway in, then crawled back out. James went all the way in and sat there a while).   Then we walked back home, hand in hand through the creek till we got back out.  It was a wonderful experience, and left great memories that will last much longer than the last time we ate at Longhorn Steakhouse.   Cost of this vacation?  $0.00 




Another time, James gathered our bicycles and we went to an area where there is a bike trail and rode our bikes for a while….then he and I went off course and walked and walked for a long time…it was in the middle of the day, and very sunny…so we got really hot.  Eventually, though, we got to a creek and waded up and down it (it was up to our neck in some places), which really cooled us off. It was so beautiful, everywhere you looked.   It was almost as if we were the only two people on earth.  We then walked through the long grass till we reached another cave (If we had been able to dig, we probably could have found many Indian arrowheads where we were).  We took many panoramic pictures with our phones while we were there.  We biked and walked several miles that day…  Our legs were scuffed up pretty bad at the end, but it was worth it!  Great memories…cost: $0.00

10659428_943981118961650_6778979643848923992_n 10669217_944087005617728_4973637327818064990_o 10669271_944086998951062_172129239455571975_o     10624823_944086925617736_7553198308368302458_n

Two days ago, it was raining, and James suggested we go golfing with some new clubs he had bought.  It was pouring outside at the time, so I said maybe we should go another time. However, he insisted it would be fun.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go for it. We found a large field outside and started golfing in the rain.  It was actually so much fun…now I’m glad I decided to do it.   I have no idea what I’m doing with a golf club, but it was still enjoyable trying.  After golfing, I got warmed up when he bought me a Starbucks tall breve latte (my favorite). Cost of date: $4.00

Sometimes, James and I will take a walk all around the city together at night.  It is so much more fun than just driving through town.  It gives us a great opportunity to really talk and enjoy each other’s company, while enjoying the sights.  We sometimes race each other down the sidewalks, or walk along the trails…or just walk around different shopping centers….whatever we decide at the time. Then we get a coffee together when we walk to the coffee shop.  Cost of date: $6.00 or $8.00

Other cheap or free dates we have been on include: fishing, canoeing, window shopping, etc.

Do you have any fun date ideas or memories that you would like to share?  Please let me know in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you!



Let me know your thoughts!

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