Winner(s) announced for free pencil drawing!


I had 54 entries for this contest altogether- about half of them entered through my facebook page…so I decided to give away a SECOND portrait!   One name was randomly selected from each group (both my blog, and the facebook page).

Here were the numbers that were randomly generated:

random1 random2

And here are the list of names participating:

1 Charlene A.
2 Sheilah
3 Abby
4 Sibyl S.
5 Heaven
6 Kay B.
7 Wendy C.
8 Ellen
9 Amanda M.
10 Maddie
11 Celina B.
12 Paige H.
13 Sarah T.
14 Christie N.
15 Abby B.
16 Melissa D.
17 Jackie
18 Cindy R.
19 Jeane W.
20 Jessica
21 Sandra B.
22 Jessica R.
23 Tanya
24 Jessica C.
25 Trish W.
26 Thearesa M.
27 Sarah T.
28 Stacy T.
29 Jocelyn P.
30 Vickie G.
31 Kelly N.
32 Valerie B.
33 Ashley G.
34 Brian W.
35 Ann B.
36 Abby B.
37 Jackie A.
38 Linda P.
39 Jeane W.
40 Lisa B.
41 Jessica W.
42 Christy H.
43 Sandra B.
44 Jessica R.
45 Tanya S.
46 Jewel M.
47 Leanna M.
48 Samantha S.
49 Mary S.
50 Nicole W.
51 Beth W.
52 Grace A.
53 Erin C.
54 Jackie K.


to Erin C., and Wendy M.!!!

I will be contacting you shortly with details on how to claim your prize!!

Thank you also to all who participated! 


Let me know your thoughts!

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