The day our baby was born…on the bathroom floor! (repost from 2013).

This is my birth story of my 6th baby, Bobby, who made his surprising debut in our home, on the bathroom floor! Read about how it happened below:

On Saturday, June 29th [2013], Bobby Reuel made a surprising appearance, and we are so happy he is here! He was born at home!


Saturday morning, I woke up and was planning to buy some groceries. I got the Annah and Ian (our younger children) ready, and left the older three children with James. As soon as I left out the door, I started thinking that my stomach hurt really bad, but I thought maybe the baby was just sitting on my bladder hard or something like that. A painful cramping would come on really strong, but then go away, so I tried to ignore it.

I felt exhausted but wasn’t sure why…. So I called my mom and asked her if she would watch the babies while I shopped. As I was asking, I kept thinking “maybe I should just go tomorrow…I really don’t feel like I can do this today.”
Then I would tell myself I was being silly.

I dropped Annah and Ian off with my mom, and then headed to Piggy Wiggly to buy groceries. But with every step I took in the store, I kept feeling intense cramping, and thinking, ” I might be in labor right now”, but I decided to just deal with it and get the shopping done.

There was a lady who started up a conversation with me while I was there, and I kept feeling the contractions so bad, but kept a smile on my face and pretended nothing was the matter. I am sure she never had any idea how much pain I was in.

After continuing to have more and more difficult contractions throughout the store, I was almost certain that I really was in labor. I called my mom and asked her if she could meet me at the store with the babies (instead of me driving to her house to get them) since she was planning to go there anyway that day.

While she was on the way, I picked up a bunch of sandwich items and freezer foods, so the kids would have something easy to make, “just in case” this was the real thing. I still was in doubt since my due date was not for at least five weeks yet. My mind was very conflicted and unsure.

I got all the groceries in the car and met my mom, put the kids in the car, and then texted James. I told him that i thought i was in labor and told him I was in a lot of pain (he never got the text because the kids were playing with his phone), and started off toward home. I thought maybe if I laid down I’d feel better. I didn’t tell my mom that I thought I was in labor because “what if it was just a false alarm?”.

The contractions were even worse by this point. I wondered if I could even make it all the way. Some of the contractions were so bad, they brought tears to my eyes.

I pulled in the driveway, saw James, and asked him to tell the kids to get the groceries out of the car for me, along with Annah and Ian, then, as quickly as I could, I walked to my bed and tried my best to figure out how to get comfortable. I ended up in a bowing position on the bed.
James came back there and asked me if I was really comfortable like that. I said, “No, I’m not comfortable at all! I think I’m labor!”
I don’t think he believed me. Not because he didn’t want to but because in the past, there have been false scares before!

He tried to make me feel better, but he figured, like i had in the store, that it might just be a false alarm.

I started writhing on the bed and crying during each contraction. He seemed so surprised that they were so painful, and asked if there was anything he could do, and tried to make me feel better.

He got up when he heard the kids doing something and I went into the bathroom and got in the shower. The warm water did help ease the pain a little, but the feelings were so strong that it wasn’t able to be helped much. I think I stayed in the shower about 20 minutes and then realized our hot water would probably run out if I kept it on, and I wanted to have the hot water for when the baby came, so, crying a little as I turned the knob, I turned it off.

James went to his parents house to ask for some pain relief medicine for me, because we didn’t have any here. Still, at this point, he didn’t think I was actually in labor. Mostly because of my due date and all. So, because he thought we still had plenty of time, he chatted with them a little bit.

While in the shower, I decided to check for myself and I was able to feel what felt like a really, really stretched water balloon coming down…and I knew that was the baby’s head.

I was hoping that James would get back soon, because I was so unsure of what to do! The pain was excruciating.

I had tried to be quiet this whole time because I didn’t want to scare the kids, who were all in the living room….but at this point it was just too much. I started crying out. Bonnie came to the door and said, mom, are you okay?
Caleb also was asking, mommy?? Are you having the baby??
I told them I might be, and to please take the babies up to their grandparents house next door.

I think they were worried for me because I kept crying out, so they didn’t take them up, they stayed in, ….but Bonnie ran next door and told James and his parents, “I think mommy is having the baby!!!”

(This was all about 5 minutes after James had left the house to get the pain meds.)

So James and his mother both rushed down the hill and his mother watched the kids for me in the livingroom and he came in to help me.
I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do, how to sit, how to think, how to breathe….I kept shifting around and the pain just got worse and worse and worse. I was crying and begging God to make the pain more bearable and for this to be over quickly.

James told me I was doing a good job, that it would be all right…and even at this point I think he did not realize how certain this was. James started asking me if I needed to go to the hospital and I said, “I don’t think I would be able to make it there!”

I kept yelling in pain and eventually realized I could not have the baby in the tub, because there was just not enough room.James helped me out and I fell to the ground begging the pain to stop, and pulled a towel under me and crouched over it.James was consoling me, and then the moment when he finally realized this was it for real: my water broke.

It was the craziest thing because it broke so suddenly and with so much force that the entire towel under me was soaked as soon as we heard it. Sounded almost like a little explosion. I actually felt a little relief from the pressure that had been building up. We both stared in amazement, like, wow, the water just broke!

From the water breaking, I had like 10 seconds of relief, and then I felt this incredible urge to push and it happened without my help. Then another push. Then, the third push, I felt the head coming out and the intensity of it was so incredible that I just wasn’t sure I was ready for it…but my body took over for me and did the work.
The head was out.

James was letting me know each step of the way that everything was good, and the baby was fine, even though he wasn’t so sure himself!

The pain wasn’t over because the shoulders weren’t yet out. I was yelling, please, please shoulders! Just come out, oh please come out shoulders!!!”, then all of a sudden, the baby came out altogether with one final push.

James was crying with happiness. I have never seen him so in joy after having a baby. He said “we have a baby! What a blessing! A little boy! Oh my goodness! He is a big boy!”

All of the pain was gone. I felt elated. I worried for a couple of minutes whether the baby was breathing okay, but then I realized he was breathing fine. I rubbed his back and held him close.

My mother in law came back and helped me get up and get to our bed, giving me things to wrap myself in. James had hurriedly covered the bed with pads and a sheet, to protect it, so I got up there with the baby and relaxed.

I called the children into the room so they could see their baby brother. They looked in amazement and it was just a wonderful experience, letting them be a part of something they never usually got to be a part of before! They got to give him a kiss and rub his head and love on him a little.

About 5 minutes later, the urge to push again and knew it was the placenta, so I told them to go back to the livingroom for a while. Once it was delivered, we let it finish pulsating before cutting the cord. James, for the first time of any of our babies, cut the cord himself! We got the digital scale and James weighed himself, then weighed himself with the baby. Bobby was 8 pounds!

I was able to take a quick shower, and felt amazing, like I could do anything. I didn’t feel sore, and I didn’t even tear. I couldn’t believe how much better this experience was than any other birth experience I have ever had. I wish I had had all of my babies at home now. It is wonderful!

Me one day before the baby was born- my tummy was HUGE:


And three days postpartum:

Here is the rest of the family, seeing Bobby for the first time.



This was taken a couple of weeks after he was born, but I love this picture of Ian and Annah with him:


Here is what Bobby looks like today, 16 months later.


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