100 things I love about my husband (reposted from 2010)


I’m moving posts from my old blog to this one. This is one that I wrote in 2010, and it still applies today.  🙂

I challenge anyone reading to make a list for your spouse as well! It definitely would brighten their day.

100 things I love about my husband

1.) He loves The Lord.
2.) He is a good listener.
3.) He is an excellent leader at work.
4.) He is a dedicated worker.
5.) He is a good father to our children.
6.) He is my best friend, and has been since we were teenagers.
7.) He is a good listener.
8.) He is full of really interesting and unique ideas.
9.) He tells me I am beautiful without makeup (and really means it).
10.) He laughs at my jokes.
11.) He is very good looking.
12.) He helps others out without asking for anything in return.
13.) He will change a poopy diaper (this hasn‘t always been the case, so I appreciate it all the more).
14.) He is a great cook.
15.) He talks to my babies when they are in my tummy.
16.) He makes me laugh.
17.) He cares when I am sad.
18.) He encourages me in all of my projects, and even helps me with many of them.
19.) He can fix almost anything.
20.) He is not vain.
21.) He forgives me all of the times I have forgotten to have clean socks ready for him in the mornings.
22.) When I gained 60 pounds while pregnant with Caleb, he still thought I was beautiful and never even seemed to notice, even though I did.
23.) He doesn’t criticize me for my poor housekeeping skills.
24.) He respects my opinions.
25.) He loves old fashioned vehicles. I like seeing him smile when he’s in his Fairlane.
26.) He loves riding his bicycle and used to ride to work every day in his bike.  He always looked so refreshed and happy.
27.) He appreciates my artwork.
28.) He compliments my cooking.
29.) He tells me I am a good mother.
30.) He tells me how much he appreciates me.
31.) He loves to go bike riding as a family.
32.) He acknowledges his weaknesses and always says I’m sorry when I am hurt or bothered by something.
33.) He doesn’t like to argue.
34.) He likes to snuggle.
35.) I trust his advice.
36.) I can’t imagine being without him.
37.) When he comes home, that is the highlight of my day.
38.) He is generous.
39.) He is thoughtful.
40.) He is caring.
41.) He doesn’t get mad when I spent money on stuff I shouldn’t.
42.) He is good at getting the baby to sleep.
43.) He is smart.
44.) He has lots of good goals and he is working hard to achieve them.
45.) He grows and learns from his mistakes.
46.) He can tell when I’m sad and will talk me through it.
47.) He sees us as a team.
48.) He teaches the children good morals.
49.) He has taught the kids by his example to pray from their heart, and not a generic or memorized prayer.
50.) He has a very likeable personality.
51.) He still holds my hand.
52.) He has great taste in music.
53.) He is content.
54.) He likes the outdoors.
55.) He will eat anything I cook, even if it is something he hates.
56.) I like when he tells me how much I mean to him.
57.) He makes an effort to spend alone time with me as often as he can.
58.) He takes an interest in the things I like.
59.) He truly wants to make me happy.
60.) He is humble.
61.) He fixes things around the house for me.
62.) He plans surprise vacations.
63.) He takes time to help others who ask him for advice.
64.) He is nice to our cats, even though he hates cats.
65.) He puts a lot of thought into the gifts he gives me.
66.) He supports all of the causes I advocate for.
67.) He sleep-talks.
68.) I love to see him smile.
69.) I love when he really talks about his day.
70.) He supports me as a home schooling mom.
71.) He loves our big family.
72.) He praises me.
73.) He accepts me as I am.
74.) He has shown me God’s character after he changed after accepting Christ.
75.) He loves me in spite of my flaws.
76.) He likes to hear me play the harp.
77.) He buys me candy bars or doughnuts sometimes and brings them to me just to be nice because he knows I love them.
78.) He can make really good risotto.
79.) He rarely does it anymore, but he can play the guitar really well!
80.) He appreciates it when I leave him notes at work.
81.) He keeps the notes and brings them home so I can save them.
82.) We work really well together.
83.) He takes time to paint murals with me when he could be doing other things.
84.) He has driven me to meet my internet friends, who he does not know- very selfless.
85.) He is a big tipper.
86.) He is super friendly.
87.) He lets the baby bite him on the nose, even though it hurts.
88.) He is a great daddy.
89.) He is addicted to coffee.
90.) He is also addicted to sugar like me, even though sometimes he won‘t admit it.
91.) He loves to bring the baby in the bed with us in the mornings.
92.) He plays on the trampoline with the kids.
93.) He has an optimistic attitude.
94.) He is very good at solving problems.
95.) He loves music.
96.) He wears the same shoe size as I do.
97.) He is the man God brought into my life.
98.) He loves me, and knows I love him.
99.) He treats me with gentleness.
100.) I love him with all my heart.


Let me know your thoughts!

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