Day two of “starvation” diet

I’m sorry if I alarmed anyone. I received many comments about how dangerous this diet might be. I know starvation diet sounds severe, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds. I’m not going without food completely. I know people get concerned when they hear the word “starvation”. I’m not starving myself…I’m just eating less, temporarily. And if I have a blood sugar that is getting low, I will eat something to bring it up, without question.

Yesterday was day 2 of the diet. My morning blood sugar was 107 mg/dl. I ate a cup of chicken broth for breakfast.
Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungry most of the day. If I felt hunger, it was a very faint sense, and not strong. I have felt the same way if I forget to eat lunch on occasion (which I kind of tend to do when I’m busy).
I tried to drink enough water, but I think yesterday I probably should have had more. I will make more of an effort today. It’s hard to drink water on an empty stomach.

I made a big mistake yesterday…I decided to substitute some canned tomato soup for broth. I didn’t think to look at the carb count on the can, because I figured it couldn’t be that much, since it was just tomato soup. I only had a small bowl of it, with parsley and pepper in it. Unfortunately, it sent my blood sugar up to 151 mg/dl. Apparently there are a lot more carbs than I realized in a can of tomato soup! I was frustrated with myself for having been so silly, and decided not to make that mistake again. Only homemade broth from now on.

I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, and had a headache around 1:00, so I tried to lay down for a while. I couldn’t sleep because there was just too much to do.

I cleaned out and organized some toy boxes, read books to the kids, did the laundry, and a few other things. I was actually surprised at how much more able I was to focus on things, where usually I can’t keep my mind on anything for more than 2 seconds before moving onto the next thing. Even with all of the kids being around, and dealing with their different needs, I was actually focused.

Being tired actually helped force me to relax and sit down a while…something that I find almost painful to do most of the time. I usually cannot just sit unless I am actively doing something. But I actually felt like I could sit and enjoy a movie with the kids for once (usually I’m distracted when I watch movies and sort of hop around from this to that, trying to multitask while I watch).

I got hungry around 4:00 while folding laundry, and I started eating a few pieces of raw cabbage. It was really good.

At dinner time, I had a small bowl of turkey broth with broccoli and cauliflower in it. James brought pizza home for the kids, and they started digging in, and without thinking, I pulled a piece of pepperoni off and put it in my mouth. Then I remembered that I was on this diet and stopped myself from getting anything else. lol

At 7:00 PM, my blood glucose level was 96. I wanted it to be lower, but I know it was because of the tomato soup I had had for lunch. I slept really well.

Read day 3 here.


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