Day three of my “starvation” diet

This morning, I felt great! I couldn’t believe how good I felt. My blood glucose upon awakening was 109 mg/dl. It was 2 points higher than the previous day but much better for me!

I felt energetic and not really that hungry until 9:00 AM when I had about 8 oz of rich turkey broth.

Until 1:00, I felt perfectly fine. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t eat anything else the rest of the day if I kept feeling that good.

At 1:00, though, I started noticing I felt weak and my hands were trembling and I couldn’t stop them from doing that. My blood sugar was 83 mg/dl. I knew I was having mild hypoglycemic symptoms even though the levels were not under 70. So out of concern, I ate a salad with Greek dressing (I was in town and ordered it at a restaurant…that’s the best option I could think of)… Gave the croutons and tomatoes to my children… I was hoping there was no sugar in the dressing but there must have been some, because one hour later, my sugar was 125 mg/dl.

An hour later, it was 105 mg/ dl.

I decided to try to move a bit, so I walked to my next door neighbors house with my three little ones. I felt too weak to deal with their noises and jumping around, which seemed louder and more difficult to deal with than normal.

When I got in, I laid down for a while. Bonnie, my 13 year old, made dinner and the boys watched the little ones for me (I am so glad to have older children!!)

I laid down for a bit and by 7:00 my sugar level was 81 mg/dl.

I don’t feel hungry as I sit here typing. I’m truly surprised by that. The first days dizzy feeling and headache have been non existent today. I feel good.

I’m actually looking forward to the rest of this fast. Weird, but true.
I didn’t think that way the first day, for sure! The entire first day, all I thought about was all the foods I could be eating, but was not. Hundreds of images of delicious food had gone through my mind. I had felt sad for everything I was depriving myself of.

But I don’t feel that way now, oddly. I honestly don’t feel that big of an urge to eat. Maybe because my body has switched from using glucose and is now using ketones?

Read about day 4 here.


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