Cancer survivor and mother of three shares her amazing story

I have known an outstanding woman for several years (I will withhold her name for privacy reasons). After having two miscarriages, my friend found that she had cancer. She eventually survived the cancer, and had two other children- hers biologically, but not from her womb!  Read her fascinating story below:

I come from a country that does not exist anymore, it was only on the world map for 28 years. Born and raised in East Germany, I only heard of the name ‘God’ in a derogatory way. Today, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, married to a great Christian man, and mother to three blessings.

This year, we celebrated our ten year anniversary, and those last ten years have been the hardest, but also the most rewarding years of my life. My husband brought me to my faith. He is my rock. Nothing can shake him easily. Whenever I struggle, he is there to lift me up. He taught me so patiently to rely on God with everything. We have been through so much together, that if we did not have God in our marriage, we might have failed.


Dating, wedding, kids – that’s the right order, right? Well, we were friends first, so there was no real dating, and then we had a small wedding. But the kids, well, there were none. Within our first year of marriage, we had to face two miscarriages that nearly broke me. I was devasted and questioned God so many times, why my arms were still empty. Yet, I learned to rely on Him. And after two years, we were finally blessed with our firstborn son. You can imagine how thrilled we were. Life was alright after all.

Fast-forward a year after my son’s birth, I went in for a check-up because we didn’t want him to be an only child. Within two weeks, I was diagnosed with cancer, and within three weeks, I laid on the operation table to have a hysterectomy. We were crushed, heartbroken, and our dream of a big family seemed shattered. My road to recovery was a long one; my physical healing went a lot faster than my emotional. Last month, we celebrated my seventh cancerversary, and I can finally say that I am completely healed.


On my blog, I wrote this post about God and how He is all I need. I can only give Him all the glory of making me the person I am today, the fighter, the survivor, the overcomer. I am stronger today than ever in my life but only because He gave me that strength, a strength I never knew I had. I am glad that I had to go through my trials, because they taught me to persevere, to grief, and to be a blessing to others.

But my story is not over yet, because I have not shared how I got to be the mother of three blessings. God just blew me away with these two miracles. He closed two doors for us, adoption and fostering, because he had something better in His mind. He chose two very special women to carry our two daughters.


So these two beautiful young ladies are our biological children, even though I did not get to ‘bake’ them in my own womb. Through these two very different pregnacies, I got to grieve and then heal completely.



Today, we have an 8-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a 2-year old that I have the priviledge to homeschool. I get to spend all day and every day with them. Our family is complete, and they are my joy.


I call these years rollercoaster years, because we went from happy to sad, then overjoyed and then to devasted. There were many ups and downs, but my husband stood by my side through all of it. He totally rocks. His steadfastness gave me so much to hold onto. I am so happy that we have each other and that I did not have to do this alone. Throughout all our struggles, we grew closer and today, we are closer together than ever before.
I also read “Healing for Damaged Emotions” by David A. Seamands and it helped me so much to get over that self-pity feeling that would creep up inside of me so many times.

Nonetheless, my true happiness comes from God alone. In the last ten years, I went through an amazing transformation from this innocent, frightened girl to the confident, courageous woman that I am today. He lifted me up out of the darkness into His light, and today, I am a gleam of hope to others. There were many growing pains, and there still are some today, but I know that I can lean on my God for comfort and understanding. Whenever I enter a bible study, I learn so much about Him, but also many things about myself. He guides me on my good days and on my bad days. And I know, I wouldn’t have to face any trial alone.

I am part of a counseling program where they match survivors with newly diagnosed people. We give them hope, share our stories of survival, and help with practical things. It is very honoring and it blesses me to bless others. God made us to want fellowship with others, and in a time of a crisis, it is so comforting to have people to lean on and to count on. So surround yourself with true friends and you will be blessed.


Let me know your thoughts!

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