Day four of my “starvation” diet

Boy, today was a bit rougher than the previous days but I have made it through. I did not have problems with energy (until later in the evening), but I felt hungry all day.

This morning, my blood glucose level was 109 mg/dl. I sure wish it would have been lower by now, but it takes time I guess (still much better than 150-200).

Before I went to town today, I ate one bowl of chicken broth.

I went to visit a friend at 9:00… Felt fine, just a bit hungry. Then, checked my blood glucose and it was 74 mg/dl.
I was amazed! My blood sugar was lower than ever, but I wasn’t shaky or anything. I felt completely normal. My body must be adjusting.

At about 2:00 PM, I had a small salad with a very small amount of Italian dressing (less than I would usually use). I still felt hungry but just dealt with it by chewing gum.

I was having a hard time not being annoyed with the kids all giggling hysterically in the back seat over and just being silly …it usually doesn’t bother me as much, but seemed like I had little energy by this point so it was harder. (By this time, I had been all over town running errands). I kept hoping the car would drive faster so I could get home and relax.

Once I got home, I just felt hungry. I ate some beef broth (oh it was so incredibly delicious, too!) and started making supper for the kids. I’ll admit I took a bite of the cooked beef fat from the stew I was making. It was incredible tasting… After smelling it, I couldn’t resist.

I know I have lost weight, but don’t have a scale so don’t know how much. That’s not the goal of the diet, but I’m ok with losing my belly pooch.

Well (just thinking out loud now) actually, weight is kind of important, since I would need to reach somewhere around 116-120 pounds before the diet would make my body start eating the fat off my pancreas? (At least, that’s what I read… That you need to lose close to 1/6 of your body weight before it will happen).

But I do not want to be 116 pounds (I would he a skeleton). I would be ok with temporarily being 120. I wonder if the 1/6 rule applies only to people who have more excess weight? I was 118 pounds when I first got married and I think I looked near anorexic even though I had a healthy appetite. The last time I weighed myself, I think I was 135. Possibly 138. I’ll just see what happens naturally in 10 days, I guess.

About 4:30- 5:00 this evening my sugar again was in the 70’s range: 73 mg/dl.

It stayed in that range for the next couple of hours. It’s 6:30 PM now, and I feel like I have energy, but not much as usual! Still feeling a bit hungry but not unbearable. 🙂

I should mention that from looking up calorie counts online, I’ve been consuming around 300-400 calories a day.

Read about day 5 here


3 thoughts on “Day four of my “starvation” diet

  1. Danielle B

    Hun, any reputable doctor would tell you this is dangerous. You aren’t eating anything to even test your true glucose. You are doing fasting glucose at this point. Your body is in starvation mode, and will start breaking down muscle.

    You’re tired, cranky, weak, and hungry, is it really worth it? If there was a cure for diabetes, NO ONE would have it and they all would be doing this. Gestational diabetes is linked to diabetes, the more children you had the risk went up.

    Time to just step up, change your eating habits and move on.


    1. Bethany Post author

      Well, to be fair, i am sometimes cranky on normal non- dieting days. Lol 🙂 Yesterday, I was only cranky after I drove around town for about 4 hours with the kids. I think thats fairly understandable with 6 kids. 🙂
      After I relaxed a while, i had more energy and was able to play with the kids before going to bed. I was very surprised at my ability to focus… Something i am not known for around here, let me tell you! 🙂 i am a bit ADD!

      As for starvation mode, your body does start to use muscle for the first 48 hours of a fast, until it switches to using fatty acids and making ketones which your body can use for energy. Once this happens, the intense hunger goes away and your body can function as long as you have fat on your body (i still have belly fat left for my body to use).

      I think the fourth day (from what i have read) is usually one of the hardest days. Then days 5 and 6 are generally easier.

      I am surprised at the level of energy i have after getting sleep at night (i fall asleep so easy now, without thoughts racing in my mind as they usually do). I feel like normal for the most part, except yesterday where i felt hungrier. I fixed the hunger by eating bone broth and drinking water.

      Today, the 5th day, i feel great. I will keep you updated. You can rest assured that i am monitoring my health continually throughout this process. If i ever feel too weak to parent, I will eat something. No doubt about it.

      Diabetes is reversable through a ketogenic diet. Many, many people, including esteemed doctors, have healed themselves of this problem and are living happy medication free lives.

      I know far too many people, including in my immediate family, who have had open heart surgery or heart attacks as a result of diabetes when they were following all of the doctors advice perfectly and using insulin. I choose not to be those people. I want to break the cycle.

      Hopefully this helps you understand my perspective and reasoning a bit better. Have a great day and thanks for commenting!


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