Day six of my “starvation” diet

So far, day six has seemed to be the hardest day so far (besides day one). I thought it was supposed to be day seven, but I guess everyone is different!

I got wonderful sleep- again- last night. However, I felt hungry from the moment I woke up. My morning blood sugar was 71 mg/dl.

My hunger wasn’t too bad at first, but I spent some time on Pinterest just looking at all kinds of great foods and drooling over them. I kept thinking about things that would be delicious and that I wanted to eat. I opened the fridge a few times but quickly shut it because there were so many options I could be tempted to eat.

I reheated some beef broth and drank it. It helped ease the hunger pains for a while.

I felt very tired today. We got ready for church… Every child was ready and we were walking out the door, and somehow my purse, which has both sets of car keys in it, was missing. All of us spent about an hour searching for it and eventually gave up. I decided to start deep cleaning the boys room since I was already looking through it anyway. Half way through, I had to rest. I laid down for a while. Then Bonnie brought my purse (after church was over already)… Apparently it was in our front hallway all along, and no one noticed it. Very aggravating! Especially since it’s so hard to get 6 kids ready in the first place, and we didn’t get to go to church.

I was so hungry by this point that I asked James to make me a fried egg. He did and it was soooooo delicious. Wow. I licked the plate.

Around 1:00, my blood sugar was still in the 70’s. I was still feeling hungry. James and I wanted to go out somewhere and do something, so we got the kids together and went to get coffee for James and me. Probably shouldn’t have, but it was nice!

I got a tall breve latte- no sugar, obviously. I meant to get decaf since I recently found out caffeine has an effect on your blood sugar, but forgot to specify.

We went to the park and spent about an hour playing with the kids. It was so nice outside. It is always fun to watch James play with the kids. I swung the toddlers in the swings and helped Bobby on the slide a while, watched the older kids climb and run around…i eventually had no more energy. We went home and I laid on the couch.

Interestingly, after using my energy at the park, my blood sugar rose to 89 mg/dl. I think part of it could have been the caffeine, but some could be my body raising the level to give me more energy to go on. I’m learning a lot as I go.

Around 5:00, I had some sautéed cabbage. It made me feel much, much better. After an hour, I felt a little hungry again, but it passed.

It’s 8:00 now, and my glucose level is 84. I feel good. I made it through the hard part. 🙂 I’ll update again soon.


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