Day seven of my “starvation” diet

I’m so glad I woke up today only feeling slightly hungry. I tested my morning sugar level and it was 88 mg/dl.

I reheated some beef broth on the stove for breakfast… It was really delicious, as usual. I also ate some sautéed broccoli. I felt full.

I had no hunger pains, and my energy levels seemed pretty good! I took Ian to his speech therapy class and headed back home.

After a while of doing this and that around the house, I started feeling a bit of a headache in the front of my head, so I laid down for a while. I wasn’t sleepy, not hungry, just had to deal with the headache. My head seemed to be swimming, too. When I sat in bed, I felt fine. It was just when trying to get housework done or tend to the needs of the little ones (which fortunately, my older ones can help me with), my head would get a little swimmy feeling.

Blood sugar stayed in the 70’s range all day. I didn’t even feel the need to check it that often (I’ve been checking over 12 times per day so far), because it has been so consistent.

I’m going to have salad and maybe a little bone broth for supper, again. I feel fine, just a little more slow moving than usual.

One thing this experiment is teaching me is how busy my life gets, and that I need to stop trying to do everything at once. I am learning that I can slow down and the world won’t end! In fact, I’ve been able to relax and have more fun with the kids than I usually am able to. I think this is a positive thing.

I don’t think I’ve really lost that much weight. I’ve lost some, I can tell… But I think my metabolism must be slowing down to compensate for the lack of calories. I think it is incredible how the human body works!

I have plenty of ketogenic recipes ready for when I’m eating normally again, Friday morning! Looking forward to that… Eating broth gets old!

I’ll update again tomorrow!


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