Starvation diet ended – day eight

My glucose levels have been in the 70’s and 80’s all day. I felt great when I woke up… However, that quickly turned around.

I have laid on the couch almost all day, not feeling too well. Headache, dizziness, etc. Now it is 2:30 and I have finally made a decision to put an early halt to my 300-400 calorie-a-day diet today.

I didn’t want to stop (I don’t want to be a quitter), and planned to continue till Friday, but today I have had so little energy, felt very dizzy, and have been strangely been aware of my heart beating in a way that made me think I need to be eating more again so I can effectively parent my children and have enough energy to do that.

I hope that in a little over a week of having done this diet, I have done something beneficial for my body. I hope that it has helped my pancreas and liver in some way.

I will be testing my sugars frequently to see what effect different foods have on my body from here on out. I am going to test out many Ketogenic recipes and probably will post about some here, when my energy levels are back to normal.


6 thoughts on “Starvation diet ended – day eight

  1. Danielle B

    Such good news! (That you are stopping) 🙂

    Don’t overdue the first few meals. (Eating everything in sight lol) which you can’t with diabetes but you know what I mean. A salad with some protein (chicken or turkey). Add chicken and veggies to your bone broth.

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  2. Melissa D

    I am most curious to see what happens these next couple of weeks to see if this worked. And I am TOTALLY excited about the recipes you talked about sharing!!!

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