11-13-2014: yesterday’s struggle with diabetes

I may not write every day on this topic, but will frequently update on the ketogenic diet and how it goes for me.

I am determined to conquer this diabetes thing somehow, whether through the keto diet, exercise, and nutrition, intermittent fasting, or whatever else I have to. My goal is to keep it natural, until I absolutely cannot. I will be going to the doctor first thing next week for a blood test to see what type of diabetes I have.

I went to the herbs and vitamins section at the store yesterday, and purchased chromium picolinate (500 mcg), fish oil (1400 mg), cayenne (40,000 stu), and cinnamon (2000 mg). (I have at home some other things I’ll be taking, such as magnesium -500 mg- and turmeric -300mg, and a multivitamin).

I also bought some 5 pound weights so that I can hopefully lift and gain a little muscle to help with glucose.

My blood sugar stayed around 90-120 mg/dl today (except right after a meal where it would jump to about 130) after having been 136 mg/dl for the fasting sugar level.

I had curried chicken strips with jalapeños for lunch. It was so good. It was also really simple… Just fried three strips in olive oil with jalapeños, added curry powder and salt, and it was done.


For a snack I had 1 square of 86 percent cocoa chocolate.

I started feeling lightheaded sometime around 1:00, and thought my sugar might be low. I was really dizzy and had to lay down. My sugar was 117, so that wasn’t the problem. After laying down a bit, it occurred to me to get my blood pressure checked.
It turned out my blood pressure was low. By the time I checked it, I was already feeling slightly better, but it was 110/70, which apparently is on the low end of normal, bordering low blood pressure.

I drank a little water and started feeling better.

For dinner I had a stir fry of hamburger meat, cream cheese, sliced cabbage, elephant garlic, onion, red bell pepper, and added tomato sauce to that. (This may not be actually keto… Probably just low carb because of the red bell peppers and tomato sauce. I’ll have to look into it to be sure). I don’t know any measurements as I just kind of threw it together. This is the kind of thing we eat all the time, since I stopped buying pasta over 2-3 years ago (Cabbage slices work as a great substitute for pasta).


When my sugar got up to 137 mg/dl 2 hours after eating this, I was a bit upset about that. Mostly because I had done cardio for about 15 minutes and lifted weights as well… I thought it shouldn’t be that low.

Then it occurred to me that maybe drinking water would bring it down. I researched and found that many places said it would. One suggested drinking 2 cups quickly, waiting 5 minutes and having another cup of water.

I did this and my blood sugar dropped from 137 to 109!! Wow!

I realized a lot of my problem might be dehydration. Admittedly, I really don’t drink enough water. And I really don’t feel thirsty that often, which is probably the reason for that. After seeing how it affected me, I will be forcing myself to drink more water to see if it improves things for me overall.

When I awakened this morning, my sugar was lower than the previous morning at 122 mg/dl. It’s still not where I wanted it, but at least it’s not in the danger zone of about 140. Maybe over time I can improve this.


7 thoughts on “11-13-2014: yesterday’s struggle with diabetes

  1. Wendy McCullough

    I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this yesterday, but I do a work out called T-Tapp and there is an exercise that is clinically proven to bring down blood glucose levels within 15 minutes of this short 3 minute work out. If you are interested I have a pinterest board called She Loves T-Tapp which has a lot more info on it. I started doing T-Tapp last year to help with my PCOS and consequential insulin resistance.

    By the way, you may need to forgo the tomato sauce next time in your cabbage stir fry. I can almost guarantee that is what made your blood glucose levels go up. You may also want to see how you do with cream cheese. Soft cheeses also cause problems for my husband unless they are in modest amounts.

    I think you are doing great with looking into the water thing and the supplements as well.


    1. Bethany Post author

      Wendy, thanks so much! I will look into that video and try it!

      Also, i love tomatoes so thats a hard one for me, so ill try to forgo the tomato sauce next time.

      Ill also monitor after cream cheese. But i thought it was mainly fat and ketogenic?

      I love hearing your input. I learn a lot from you.


  2. Danielle B

    As a medical professional. 110/70 within normal blood pressure guidelines. (100/65-120/80 is normal) Dizziness, lightheadedness can be from a lack of B12.


      1. Wendy McCullough

        This is just my opinion but the first thing that came to my mind is that maybe your electrolyte balance is off since the fast. Try drinking a cup of hot boullion made from a boullion cube, or some well salted bone broth. Can’t hurt and might help. When my husband’s blood sugar is fine but he feels lightheaded and dizzy, that usually does the trick.

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  3. Wendy McCullough

    Here is chapter 10 of Dr. Bernstein’s book regarding food. It can cover it much better than I can. You can save the chapter as a pdf with the little icon at the top of the screen.

    Milk products contain the sugar lactose which I am sure that you know. Cottage cheese is especially problematic since it is only partly fermented. My husband can’t stop himself after a small serving of cream cheese. It is high in fat but some people can’t tolerate any dairy at all, while some can tolerate only hard cheeses or butter. Even Dr. Atkins limited induction phase amounts of cream cheese to 4 ounces a day. It’s one of those your mileage may vary things.

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