Thalidomide took his arms, but couldn’t take his spirit

I came across an amazing video interview the other day, of a man who was born with no arms due to his mother having used Thalidomide during pregnancy. During the interview, he gestured with his feet, and it was as if he had no disability at all. He was so enthusiastic and happy…so full of hope… that I knew he had to be a fellow believer.


I looked up his name, and found this article about him. It says that he wrote a book, called “Look. No hands!”, entirely using his toes! And yes, he is a believer in Christ.

Watch this video and see what you think.

If this guy isn’t an inspiration, I don’t know who is.

Two other people that I think fall into the same category of AWESOMENESS are Jodi Eareckson Tada (who I have admired since I was about 10. She became a quadriplegic after a diving accident and nowadays paints beautiful pictures with her mouth, and speaks out to strengthen motivate others),

and Nick Vujicic, (who was born with no limbs, almost committed suicide as a child, but became a believer in Christ and now speaks out to encourage others).



Let me know your thoughts!

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