Morning sickness- could use advice


My seventh pregnancy (updated to add: I probably should have said my 9th pregnancy… Just didn’t want to be confusing. I’ve had 9 pregnancies, 6 carried to term so far) has been the most difficult so far (as far as morning sickness goes) which is one reason my posts have been almost nonexistent lately.

I’ve tried a lot of things to remedy it, but haven’t really been able to find much relief at all.

My other pregnancies were hard to, but I seemed to always have a break until I smelled something that triggered a reaction, or when I first woke up and didn’t get something to eat right away… But this is pretty much a continual thing.

Does anyone have any morning sickness home remedy ideas? If so, please share them below.

It’s gotten to the point where I am hardly able to do anything except on the verge of dry heaving or throwing up constantly in between the times it actually happens (usually mornings and evenings).

This makes it difficult to get through the day or get anything accomplished- especially with 6 kids to care for. I will be asking my doctor about Zofran but have to wait till my appointment in about 1 week.

Any suggestions would be very, very appreciated! And if I don’t respond right away, it’s not because I don’t like you… I just don’t feel so good! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Morning sickness- could use advice

  1. Noelle

    Hello Bethany, I am new here, but I have been following your blog for years! Congratulations on your newest blessing from God!
    When I was pregnant with my kids, my grandmother, (who had 9 kids) told me to drink ginger tea. I never had fresh ginger around so I would use the powdered kind. I would boil water and add the ginger and then some sugar to sweeten it up. That always seemed to help me. Also, sipping on orange juice or eating an orange helped me. Even to this day, if I’m nauseated I’ll eat an orange and it helps. (It’s been 17 years since my last pregnancy!)
    I hope you will get some relief! Praying for you!

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  2. Wendy McCullough (@low_carb_mom)

    I second the ginger and fruit suggestions!
    When I was owner of Pregnant Atkids, I stumbled across a great blog called The Whining Puker. If you look on her left sidebar, she has some great morning sickness suggestions.
    One thing to note is that the older you are while pg, the worse your morning sickness symptoms tend to be.
    I would do a little research on Zofran before taking it. I have read it can have some long term side effects, so check with your doctor first.
    A few more helpful links:

    Also, I heard some moms says that Seabands helped but I never tried those.
    If you are able to keep your carbs on the low side, even maintenance level 50-100, it can help with morning sickness. Some women have said their ms was aggravated by eating wheat.

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  3. Margo

    Oh Bethany! I feel ya girl! I have had morning sickness (I call it all day sickness!!) with each one of my four children and can totally relate to being to being unable to function! My poor dog couldn’t even come near me with my last pregnancy because of the way she smelled after coming in from outside. That ozone-outdoor smell would throw me in to a heaving nightmare! She learned very quickly to stay away from me or she would have to go back outside. Poor dog! Anyway, with my second pregnancy I started keeping grilled chicken strips in the fridge. I would grill up (or bake) several chicken breasts at the beginning of the week and then cut them into five or six strips per breast. First thing in the morning I would eat one or two and then every so often throughout the day I would go grab one or two, especially if I started to feel even a hint of nausea. I don’t know why it works, probably the protein, but it was amazing! I still would get sick every so often but for the most part, I was able to manage much better with them, than without. I really noticed just how much on the days that I would run out but not have prepared anymore. I hope this helps!


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  4. graceistheonlyway

    Congrats on your pregnancy!! How exciting! Your last birth was a homebirth, are you planning another? I can relate to the severe morning sickness. I had it bad with my 5th, and my 6th but somewhere around my 8th week with my 6th my MW recommended Unisom. I took a half at bedtime and it worked!! I could actually get out of bed and function and most importantly EAT! It didn’t take the nausea completely away but it made it bearable. When I was pregnant with my 7th, I didn’t full around, the first day of all day nausea…I took half of a Unisom. It was so much easier. With both pregnancies I was able to stop the Unisom completely between 16-20 weeks.


    1. Bethany Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment, graceistheonlyway! I am not 100 percent sure, but I want to believe I will do another home birth this time! 🙂 I’m so glad unison helped you with morning sickness! 🙂


  5. Lisa in CA--but not for long!

    Bethany, how exciting–another baby on the way! I am so happy for you! ❤
    I'm a bit late to the party, lol, but my morning-noon-and-night sickness (till the 8th month with my last child) was helped greatly by beans and legumes. Seems I wanted drive-through burritos all the time. Then I read something by Karen Hurd that detailed how legumes and beans decrease nausea greatly. Makes sense!
    I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. When is baby due? 🙂



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