Other moms can probably relate!

The past two weeks have been better than the previous two, thanks to a friend of mine who recommended taking “Dramamine”… That stuff actually works! I don’t take it as much as I probably should, because it makes me drowsy and gives me dry mouth (Of course, those are a small price to pay for relief of extreme nausea and dry heaving!) but when I do take it, I find I can wake up in the night without being forced to eat or drink something immediately… Which is kind of nice. I get better sleep. I recommend Dramamine, for sure!

I still do get sick, however, which has made it difficult to get much accomplished. (But now it’s not a CONSTANT pain like it was before… Thank goodness!)

Since I’m the kind of person who likes to get stuff done, not being able to get it done makes me feel VERY blue when the house is a mess or the kids schoolwork gets behind a few days. (Thank goodness I’ve been able to snap out of it finally, because I was feeling pretty moody tree for while. Hormones don’t help!)

Let me tell you how a typical day goes for me: I wake in the middle of the night to check the baby and go to the bathroom. As soon as I get up, I start to feel that wave of nausea hit. I think, “Oh no… I have to eat something or I’m going to be too late!” So I run to the refrigerator and stand there, looking desperately, for something that I would be able to eat without gagging. I consider making eggs. I start to gag. Nope! That won’t work. After standing there swaying back and forth trying to decide, I finally just drink a cup of milk, because it’s easy and goes down fast. If I’m lucky, it will reach my stomach before the dry heaves begin. I go back to bed and sleep.

When I wake up, I go through the exact same scenario. Sometimes I make it in time, sometimes I don’t.

James is really nice and will make food for me if he has time. It really helps!!

If I make eggs, I can only choke them down if I smother them with hot sauce. (Right now, Valentinos seems to be a favorite). Yes, hot sauce! Almost anything tangy, sour, or tart seems to really go down well for some reason.

If I smell bacon cooking I can barely stand it. And I usually LOVE bacon. I’m not kidding when I say it smells like rotting flesh cooking when I’m pregnant. Not appetizing!

I usually get a cup of coffee in the morning- so delicious and comforting-but I can’t stomach it anymore. (Which is a real bummer since my brother bought me a sampler of 100 keurig cups for Christmas! Now I gotta wait, while hubby enjoys them… I figure that by the time I get to them, all that will be left will be breakfast blend or columbian decaf. Lol)

During the day, I will have to frequently eat…almost nonstop I have to be finding something to put in my mouth. If at any time my stomach is empty, I will have dry heaves. Really painful ones, which leave you sore for a few days.

The nausea comes and goes throughout the day. I do find that unfortunately carbs go down better than foods that are better for me. A ketogenic diet is almost impossible for me if I want to keep anything down during the first trimester. I’ve tried!

I plan to return to the diet as soon as the nausea subsides. One thing that I do find interesting though, is that my blood sugar has not been that bad. I guess the placenta has not yet begun blocking insulin yet, or the baby uses all that extra glucose in some way. I don’t know. I thought I understood how low carb works but maybe there is a world of things that happen in the first trimester that I’m not aware of.

Now all the nausea and everything is not such a problem though, in the long run. It is ALWAYS worth every minute of the pain, to know that there is a baby that I will have a chance to meet one day. I am very excited to meet this new little one! (In two weeks, I’ll have an ultrasound, which will be great!)

So tell me about your experiences with pregnancy? How did a typical day go for you? Was it about the same?

What kind of foods did you crave? (I find that tart berries and lemons are very addicting right now).


6 thoughts on “Other moms can probably relate!

  1. Wendy McCullough (@low_carb_mom)

    A pregnant mom tends to have an easier time burning carbs than a non pregnant person. Just the way God set things up! I can eat way more carbs while pregnant than not! I ate somewhere between 75 to 100 total carbs while pregnant but can only handle 20-30 total carbs when not.

    You may need to keep an eye on blood glucose levels past the first trimester when the placenta becomes more insulin resistant, but for now, enjoy! Maria Emmerich has some info about it on her blog. Praying the morning sickness passes easily for you!

    As long as I took my B6/B12, I was fine. I kept my carbs to 25 total per meal while pregnant and that helped me a lot. I did eat potatoes and low carb bread. Still ate healthier than my SAD pregnancies, and passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors!

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  2. Sarah

    I haven’t had any nausea yet but I am only 5 weeks today. I am NOT looking forward to it because I remember my last pregnancy so well. I just laid on the couch all day moaning and occasionally vomiting. It was awful. Hoping this pregnancy will be the pregnancy where I glow. But if I do get sick I will remember the Dramamine!

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  3. Maya

    Oh dear Bethany, so sorry that nausea is so tenacious. When I read your post I suddenly remembered all these awful weeks of nausea in my own pregnancies. I didnt throw up very often but felt sick the whole day. Sitting in a car was horrible and a visit to a zoo with my daughter was hell. The smell of the apes made me throw up. TodAy we joke about it of course.
    I hope the first Term will be over soon! My gyn told me that this sickness is caused by the hormon Beta hcg which is an indicator for a healthy pregnancy. This cheered me up a little bit!

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