Getting to meet Rick Burgess and Larry Taunton last Thursday

I was very excited to get to hear Rick Burgess, from Rick and Bubba (local radio program) speak last week at our church, where they spoke about “passing the torch of faith onto the next generation”.  (I didn’t know who Larry Taunton was at the time, but had I known, I would have been looking forward to hearing him just as much. Larry has debated with famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchkins on multiple occasions- I find that really inspiring!).


The message they brought was powerful and very convicting. It brought me to remember so many things that I had forgotten, and reminded me of how important it is to be making sure that our children see by our lives that God is #1 in our lives!   It was a wonderful event that really stirred my heart.

Years ago, I was heartbroken when I learned that Rick Burgess and his wife Sheri had lost their two year old son, William Bronner Burgess, when he drowned in their swimming pool.  I had wanted to draw a portrait in his honor at the time, but never could find very good pictures of him online. If you have time, you MUST hear Rick Burgess speaking his son’s eulogy. It’s WORTH THE WATCH!!!!! (this is part 1, but please take time to watch parts 2 and 3 as well).

When I heard that Rick would be at the event at our church, I decided to do a thorough search and see if I could find another picture to draw of him. Sure enough, on his wife’s blog, there was a picture that was perfect…so I was able to finish the drawing and bring that to the event that day. Made me so happy to give something back, because I know his radio program has had a very positive impact on our family over the years (James listens to it every day).


I would very much recommend buying the DVD of Rick and Larry’s presentation. Find it here.

Larry Taunton explained that one reason for the message they shared was that he had interviewed many young atheists, and found startling facts about their growing up years. Most of them had grown up in “religious” homes, with parents who went to church. But what many of them realized was that for their parents, their faith was more of a hobby than a true conviction. They watched their parents lives and their lives didn’t add up with their professed beliefs. So the point of their message was to encourage parents to step up and LIVE their faith around their children!

I think what convicted me the most was point #9. “You must identify who or what wields the most influence in your child’s life”. They expounded on this in depth.

Unfortunately, one of my faults is that I often tend to let the kids use the computers way too much. It is very easy for me to do, because sometimes I don’t even notice what they’re doing when I’m so busy throughout each day. It is so easy to just let it happen. Their schoolwork is all on DVD, so when they are done with their schoolwork, a lot of times they will goof off on the computer and I let it go on too long just because it is easier than taking the time to tell them to do something else. They are obsessed with Minecraft! I’m going to try to stop that from being the case and be more involved in making sure they do more productive things more often! The message I heard reminded me that I am in control and can tell them no more without feeling guilty.

You can find the DVD here.

Have you seen this message before? If so, let me know your thoughts on it? What touched you the most?


Let me know your thoughts!

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