Our frequent terrible Sundays

I don’t believe in bad luck or curses. However, our recent string of bad Sundays would almost make me reconsider that.


Actually being able to get to church on Sunday, with everyone fully dressed and the car functioning, has been basically a miraculous experience for us most Sundays. I’m not exaggerating at all. If we ever show up at church together, I hope people can understand what all we had to go through to get there.

Several Sundays ago, we woke up, spent 2 hours getting everyone bathed, dressed, teeth brushed, Bibles found, diaper bag packed…only to go out to the car and find that someone had left the door on our Excursion open, and the battery was dead. 20 minutes later, when we managed to get the battery charged, we were already late for the worship service, but decided to try for the Sunday School service instead. On the way there, the car ran out of gas. We had to stay on the side of the road, waiting for my brother in law come and bring us a few gallons of gas. That took long enough to make us miss both services.

All week long after that, we had zero problems with the car. I managed to get all the kids dressed and ready to go to town several times that week, and never had any issues. I never have problems during the week, it seems!

However, the next Sunday, we were struggling to get everyone ready- it seemed no one wanted to cooperate. We couldn’t find any clothes for the little ones that matched, or that looked nice enough for church (this usually is a problem for us because they are so rough on their clothes…the boys, anyway). I finally managed to find the little ones clothes and have them ready- but then realized the older kids weren’t wearing their shoes. Then we found out, one of them was missing a pair of shoes. We searched everywhere and could not find the shoes. Thirty minutes later, we found about six shoes which had no match, but still couldn’t find the other shoe. I offered rewards to the child who could find the shoe before it was time to leave. No one could find it. It turned out we were late for the first service again, but we continued our desperate search for the shoe. We finally found another pair of shoes that was slightly too big for him to wear, and just told him to use them instead. We walked out to the car, relieved to finally have it all together, and tried to start the car. When I heard the clickity sound that means the battery is out, I thought, NO WAY. NOT AGAIN. Sure enough, someone had left the light on in the back of the car and it ran every bit of the battery out, again. Why couldn’t that have happened on a Friday, I wondered?
After getting it charged again, we finally made it to the second service, but just barely.

Another Sunday, we made sure to check and see whether the car doors were closed the night before. I was actually a bit paranoid about it, so I asked the kids to go out there a few times just to be sure no lights were on, and the doors were all shut, even the trunk door. I got everyones clothes ready the night before, and the next morning, it was much smoother getting everyone ready for church. I felt so proud of myself that we actually got ready and had time to spare! I actually got to enjoy eating some breakfast and checked my emails before leaving. When it was time to go, we all got in the car and buckled up. I dug in my purse for the keys, but they weren’t in it. I asked one of the older kids to check on the table for it. They came back and said it wasn’t there. I ran in myself, and started looking around. It was no where to be found! So I had to get all of the kids back out of the car, and we all started hunting for the keys. We looked so long, we ended up being late for both services. Later that evening, it was found. Obviously, it was too late by that time.

Two Sundays ago, I woke up early to try to get everyone ready on time. I got all of their baths in and had them all looking nice. We somehow managed to lose the keys again. (I promise you, I never lose the keys any other day. It just doesn’t happen! That’s what makes it so perplexing!) So we go through the whole search again, and James and I finally decided that we would go, and leave the kids with their grandparents next door (because we were to meet with the pastor that day)… and we decided to drive in our big truck with a metal bed on the back. It turned out that I somehow had parked my Excursion in just the right place to make it extremely difficult to get the large truck out, so James spent about 1 very long and intense hour maneuvering it until it was able to just barely squeeze it through the tight spot in between my vehicle and the fence in our yard. It was such an event getting through that spot…and amazing it actually happened at all! About halfway to church, he noticed the battery light come on the truck, and he thought maybe the alternator wasn’t charging the battery. So rather than end stranded on the side of the road, he decided to go back to his parents house, and use their vehicle instead. We ended up at church, but a bit late!

Last Sunday, we went through the entire, dreadful process again…it was basically a repeat of the Sunday before, except the problem was that the battery was dead in the car this time. You can’t make this stuff up. The kids had again left a light on!! Again, please let me stress- this doesn’t happen on other days of the week. It is ridiculous. It felt like I was being pranked! I ended up going to church alone in the big truck, and James stayed home and watched the kids.

Now…yesterday morning, I went through all of the precautions. I checked all the doors on the Excursion. I checked the lights. I checked where the keys were, and put them in a very safe spot (our pot rack on the ceiling is the only place we can usually keep things safe, so we hung them there). I woke up a little later than I wanted to, so started rushing around trying to get everyone ready. Getting 6 kids ready in less than 45 minutes is a big challenge. After trying to bark orders at the older kids to get themselves ready, and trying to scramble to put clothes on the little ones, find matching socks, etc… we couldn’t find Bobby’s shoes, and he wasn’t dressed yet either. Everyone in the house was on the hunt for the shoes. We had one, but couldn’t find the other. Ian finally found Bobby’s other shoe, and I was so excited that finally we were almost ready to go…and we knew where the keys were, etc…Maybe we could actually make it this time. I laid the shoes onthe floor, and started dressing Bobby. I looked beside me – literally ONE minute after having laid them down, one shoe was gone! GONE. I looked around, thinking…how is this possible?? HOW? All the kids and James and I ran around the house looking for the missing shoe. It was as if it had wings and flew away. I was so stressed at this point, I ran into the bathroom to cry. I just wondered how could this happen so many times? After having a good cry, I got out of the bathroom, and fortunately, Noah found another pair of Bobby’s shoes. So got ready to get packed up and leave, and then Bonnie asked me about the keys. I told her, “They’re safe on the pot rack this time, thank goodness!” Well, turned out…they were NOT there. Not ANYWHERE! I thought to myself, “I give up! I just give up!” We didn’t find the keys, and didn’t get to church. We looked so many places. James and I discussed whether it was possible we were being sabotaged…We thought, what if the kids were hiding the keys or delibrately leaving lights on or something? But we ruled it out because the kids are always so excited to go to church. It couldn’t be that. But it sure felt like something had to be up, for this to happen so many times!

Today, I offered a 10 dollar reward to the person who found the keys. My mom actually decided to match it, making it a 20 dollar reward. Bonnie ended up finding the keys in James’ pants!

Two days ago, I decided it was time to find some way to keep track of the keys. I bought this on Amazon.com- Click and Dig Key Finder-, and will be putting it on my keychain as soon as it gets here.

I’m just hoping that next Sunday we can actually make it to church!


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