About Me

My name is Bethany, and I am happily married to James- He and I have actually been together since I was about 15 years old….we met in 1995. We’ve been married for almost 16 years.

James is an awesome husband and father.  He’s caring, thoughtful, and always can make me laugh (that’s one thing that attracted me to him when we first met).  He loves to go hiking,  enjoys working with cars, and can fix almost anything electronic – he’s a great problem solver.

Together, James and I have 6 children: Caleb, Bonnie, Noah, Ian, Annah, and Bobby.

Caleb is 14, and is a chemistry and math whiz.  He soaks up information like a sponge.  I am always impressed by what he knows – he sure didn’t get it from me! 🙂   He is also one of the sweetest boys around.  In the mornings, he sneaks in our room, and brings the baby a bottle or changes his diaper for me, so that I can sleep in a tiny bit.  He also brings me coffee, just to be nice.

Bonnie is 13, and loves to be creative. She loves to design fashion wear, make bead necklaces, and she also likes to cook.  She makes some of the most delicious meals, and actually enjoys doing it…so it’s a win-win for both of us when she cooks!  🙂   She also likes to play outdoors, and loves to wear overalls and ride her bike.  She doesn’t mind getting messy!

Noah is 9 years old and is energetic and loves to play games with his siblings.  One of his favorite things is making forts and tents for the little ones, and playing hide and seek with them.  He loves to play Minecraft with Caleb, and they frequently are sitting on the couch playing paper games together.

Ian is 4, and is a sweet and the most huggable child we have ever had.  He could snuggle someone for hours and never tire of it.  He is a ham for the camera, always smiling so nicely. He likes to watch Sponge Bob Square pants, and loves to play outside with his older brothers.   He loves to draw and color.

Annah is 3, and is our cute goldilocks of the family.  She is free spirited and fun.  She loves to dress up, wear nail polish, and wear pretty shoes. She likes to color and draw with Ian, and to play with Bobby.

Bobby is 1 year old, and is always smiling.  He can turn a long, hard day into a great one with that grin.  He runs around with the others and thinks he is already a big boy.

iancute iancalebnoah ianannah11 caleb6 bonniehellokitty baby444

I am an artist and stay at home mom. You can see some of my artwork at my business page on facebook.  (Please feel free to stop by and “Like” my page!)

In 2007, I had two miscarriages, and wrote about my experiences on my blog in depth.  After that, I began receiving many calls and emails regarding miscarriage, and decided to write a book to comfort other mothers who had also experienced the lonely grief, and needed answers.   The name of the book is “Answers in a Time of Miscarriage“, and it is available at amazon.com.   I also have a free PDF version that I give away at this link.


Let me know your thoughts!

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